LLC «Liz Vostok» is a subsidiary of CTE, France. The company is active on the Russian market since 2007 due to the growth of glass construction projects in Russia guided by the foreign worldwide glass market leaders.

Following the same strategy of the Group by establishing flexible local structures, LLC «Liz Vostok» obtained a permanent business partner in Russia, a company named ZAO «Teplomontage», Moscow. Due to this cooperation, LLC «Liz Vostok» gained very good experience in the industry of the Russian glass market in the past few years and is ready to provide and ensure the best performance, safety and productivity to its customers at all stages of activity.



• Construction and repair of Glass Furnaces

• Project Management and Construction of Float Glass Furnaces


Head Office:

Moscow / RUSSIA


Area of business:

Russian Federation, former USSR Countries





Number of Employees:



Managing Director:

Mr. Philippe Descoureaux


Director Assistant:

Mr. Alexey Derbikov


Site Manager:

Mr. Eric Cieciva



Mr. Philippe Descoureaux



14 Parkovaya St./8

105203 Moscow




Tel: +79209697249


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