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E-Glassibers / Silica Fibers

LizTherm 500

E-Glass Cloth

Thickness - 0,2 and 3 mm

Width - 20 to 1500 mm
Aluminum foil with 14 microns - 1 or 2 sides 

Continuous UseTemperature - 550o C 

Melting point - 840o C
Resistant to corrosive environments


Hydroluoric and phosphoric acids and concentrated alkalies

LizTherm 1200S

SilicaCloth ( >96%)

Thickness: 0,65; 1,15 and 1,3 mm 

Width 914 mm
Continuous Use Temperature: 1100o C 

Softning Temperature: 1700o C 

Resistant to corrosive environments


Fire-resistant curtins Flange Jointing with openings 
Radiant heat Shields
Protective Clothing 
Controlled cooling of Castings Heat insulation

Welding curtains
Ferrous and non-ferrous melt ine 
ilters for metallurgies
Insulation linings 
Wrapping of exhausts

Special Coatings for textiles

(some examples based on E-Glass iberglass)

Silicone rubber coating One face Aluminium Vermiculite coating Graphite coating 
/ PTFE coating (250o C)
foil (550o C) (650o C)
(750o C)

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