RÉCUMAT is a company specialized in Environmental Management associated to the Furnaces Construction.


This means that RÉCUMAT is called to take care of the demolition activities, as also the management of the demolished materials according with the legal structure of each country.


After more than 10 years developing highly specialized activity, RÉCUMAT is actually requested to perform float glass demolitions in all corners of the Globe.



  • Demolition of Industrial Furnaces

  • Management and Recycling of Materials

  • Environmental Management of Industrial Projects


Head Office:

Sury le Comtal / FRANCE


Area of Activity:

Europe, Asia, Africa, South America



1996 (in the Group since 1998)


Number of Employees:



Managing Director:

Mr. Christophe Romet



Mr. Christophe Romet



Rue de la Fête Dieu

42450 Sury le Comtal,




Tel: : +33 477 300 102

Fax : +33 477 300 111


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