Lizmontagens Melting & Services (LM&S) is the result of the combined effort of Lizmontagens and Compagnie Thermique Européenne (C.T.E.), to deliver customers a complete package of innovative solutions for glass projects.

The main purpose of this company will be to create awareness and keep this at pair to the latest developments in the glass world, consolidating the success of Group's structure.

Our mission is to strength the group expertise in the field of products and services for the glass industry, providing a more complete and dedicated range of activities. LM&S will promote customer individually tailored packages that are responsive, cost-effective and that embrace the highest standards of quality.

The LM&S core strength spans from product development to process improvement, offering a unique focus and expertise. Its services are aimed to assist glassmaker in maximizing their performances, reducing costs, improving on safety and increasing overall productivity.

Lizmontagens Melting & Services is further enhanced by innovative ideas of management, who strive in creating awareness and providing a “glass to glass” service to the main players in the industry.



From product development to process improvement:

• Technical appraisal;

• Refractory recommendation;

• Refractory procurement;

• Equipment and steelwork procurement;

• New suppliers evaluation;

• Thermal loss calculation;

• On site assistance.


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Managing Director:

Mr. Gianni Carbone



Lizmontagens Melting & Services

Mr. Gianni Carbone



80, Route De Luxembourg


L-3515 Luxembourg




Mob.: +33 7 6267 1364

Tel.:  +352 265 110 48


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