LINC Groupe

The Group specialises in the installation or repair of complete insulated solution or thermal protection for the nickel industries and others, mainly in New Caledonia.

The company policy is to expand through excellent know how and technical associations with industry specialists around the world to provide a Safe, Reliable and Dependable on time service to clients in New Caledonia.

Started in 1973, it has experienced many transformation to become the current group of approx. 50 people.

Safety of our workers and installation is our main concern.



• Refractory: LINC proposes services in repair and installation of refractory solution, mainly for the Nickel plants installed in New Caledonia;

• Thermal Insulated Solution: LINC proposes a large range of insulation products, covering thermal, cryogenic, acoustic, and others. Partnership in place with ELIT SA (France);

• Industrial and Chemical Cleaning Services;

• Distribution of thermal insulation products for the industry.


Services provided:

• Refractory: Precast pieces dried up to 450°C in workshop / installation on site / temperature audit with thermal camera;

• Thermal Insulated Solution: hard insulated cladding installation / thermal mattresses manufacture locally in a workshop (standard and tailored made);



Head Office:



Area of Activity:

New Caledonia, Southeast Asia, Australia





Number of Employees:



Managing Director:

Mr. Eric Vlaeminck


Board of Directors:

Mr. Eric Vlaeminck / Mr. Jorge Alves


Finance and Accounting Manager:

Ms. Isabelle Feugier





16 rue Saint-Pierre, Numbo


Noumea 98800


Nouvelle Calédonie


Tel: +687 460 460


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it