Thermal Products

The search for the best service to our customers has led Lizmontagens Thermal Technologies group, through is Lizmontagens SA subsidiary to develop a local Division dedicated exclusively to the representation and sale of heat containment and refractory materials - Materiais Liz. You can enter the Materiais Liz site by clicking the logo bellow.






We are able to provide all kinds of refractory materials, particularly the following:


• Insulating Firebricks


• Backup insulating firebricks


• Fireclay bricks


• Monolithics


• AES Fibers


• Refractory Ceramic Fibers - RCF


• Fire protection materials


• Calcium silicate based materials


• Heat containment textiles


• Ceramic textiles


• Special coatings for textiles


• Metalic fibers


• Vermiculite


• Mica


• Manufacture of pre forms






Materiais Liz website is under construction.