LIZMONTAGENS GROUP supplies a complete scope of services for the glass industry.


  • Construction and repair of industrial furnaces;
  • Total Refractory Installation;
  • Steelwork Installation and Manufacturing;
  • Project management on turn key projects;
  • Procurement and supply of refractory and insulating materials;
  • Furnace cool down control;
  • Hot Sealing and Insulation Installation;
  • Technical Appraisal.


Our teams are experienced in all types of glass furnaces:


  • Float furnaces
  • Cross-fired furnaces
  • Electric furnaces
  • End-fired furnaces
  • Oxy-fuel furnaces
  • Lighting furnaces
  • Lehrs
  • Pot furnaces
  • Mix melt furnaces
  • Tableware furnaces
  • Fiberglass furnaces
  • Forehearts and feeders
  • Muffles
  • Day tanks


Glass Furnace Construction


Glass Furnace Demolition



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