Recent successes obtained by our Chimneys activity

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The LTT/Lizmontagens Board of Directors is very pleased to report the very recent successes obtained by our Chimneys activity, rising higher and higher the flag of Ferbeck as a reliable global engineering company:

1) SOLAR Tower Power Station

Location: Israel (Ashalim).
Height: 1 concrete Tower of 250 meters
Customer: ALSTOM
Contractor: FIC;

2) MANJUNG V - Power Station Chimney

Location: Malaysia
Height: 1 concrete chimney of 200 meters
Customer: Daelim Industrial
Contractor: Ferbeck Malaysia;

3) Singapore Waste Treatment Plant

Location: Singapore
Height: 2 steel chimneys of 80 meters
Customer: HYUNDAI Engineering
Contractor: Global Ferbeck (Singapore)


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