Industrial Chimneys

New concrete stack construction


We offer design, project management, project supervision, slipforming, heavy lifting and complete turnkey services for concrete chimney projects. As always, the project is in conformity with specific client requirements.


New steel stack construction


• self supporting stacks

• guided

• guyed stacks

• single skin stacks

• multi-flue stacks


Smoke flues can be made in


• all types of steel

• composite materials

• steel with or without an anti-corrosion coating or refractory lined

• brick


Demolition – Maintenance


• Demolition:


We guarantee the removal of asbestos, the limitation of vibrations, the sorting of all the wasted and do adapt the method demolition to the environment.


• Inspection and Hot video inspection:


Hot inspections give an idea of the actual state of the internal part of the stack during operation and show any potential dysfunctions. We can assess potential problems and determine the required repairs using video equipment that allows inspections in temperatures up to 400°C (750°F). In industry, all production shutdowns must be as short as possible, so this type of inspection is particularly important as it allows repairs to be scheduled, the repair work planned and the necessary materials delivered in advance.


• Maintenance – Repair - Modification:


Our specialized knowledge of materials (steel liner, composite materials, corsets, extenders and more) guarantees the quality of our repair work. We work regularly outside of France, relying as much as possible on local teams, but bringing our experience, organizational capabilities, specialized equipment and site management expertise to every project.


Unique know-how


• Heavy lifting


• Special rope access


• Anti-vibration damper:


To avoid resonance and fatigue problems, we advise that stacks can be equipped with vibration dampers, which can also be used as individual platforms or connecting platforms for grouped chimneys.


• Venturi:


We can provide you with venturi analysis and installation when required.


• Silent damper and any other accessories:


We supply all necessary equipment for your project, including items such as aircraft warning lights, measuring equipment, ladders, platforms, lightning conductors and any thing else you need like silent damper.