TERMOSTAV Bratislava, s.r.o. deals with the implementation of refractory brick lining, heat facilities, delivery of furnaces, melting aggregates, heat aggregates, construction and implementation of industrial stacks and special monolithic constructions.

TERMOSTAV Bratislava, s.r.o. works in the field of power engineering, glass industry, working ferrous and non-ferrous metals, building materials, chemical industry, burning of rubbish and industry stacks.


TERMOSTAV Bratislava, s.r.o. provide delivery and services of refractory linings as a supply for key.

Services provided:

• Consulting;

• Complete design of refractory linings;

• Elaboration and project documentation;

• Delivery of refractory materials;

• Execution of refractory works;

• Supervision of installation;

• Consultations by drying processes;

• Service after the warranty period of refractory linings.



Head Office:

Bratislava / SLOVAKIA


Area of Activity:

Europe, Russia, Africa, Mexico





Number of Employees:

35 (2018)


Managing Directors:

• Ing. Jan Ecer (Chairman of the Board);

• Ing. Miroslav Orgon – Manager of sales and acquisition



• Ing. Peter Lohnický – Production/Project Manager

• Ing. Zdeňka Grebáčová – Economic Manager





Staviteľská 3


831 04 Bratislava




Tel: +421 244 872 676

Fax: +421 244 872 685

Mobil: +421 903 703 073


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Web: www.termostav.sk